Investment Strategy

Our investment objective is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns over a multi-year period through all phases of the market cycle. We exercise a long-term investing strategy and seek to invest in equities with compelling growth and attractive valuations at investment that compound capital and in opportunistic investments, often credit-oriented, that provide equity like returns. Opportunistic investments may be correlated to an economic cycle or may be idiosyncratic in nature.

When dislocations occur, we seek to capitalize on distressed/stressed investments utilizing our experience, research process and capital structure analysis to comprehensively understand businesses and industries.

The investment strategy utilizes our experience and knowledge of companies and industries and incorporates a disciplined research process which seeks to understand and analyze each investment opportunity’s fundamental and intrinsic value.

Our preference is to invest in companies with large capital structures or sovereigns and we actively assess the ability to exit or liquidate as part of the investment risk evaluation. Our team has global investing experience across developed and emerging markets.

Investment objectives and strategies are set forth in the relevant Fund’s Offering Documents. There can be no assurance any strategy will be effective.