Investment Strategy

Our investment objective is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns over a multi-year period through all phases of the market cycle by applying an opportunistic, value-oriented approach to investing and maintaining a focus on capital preservation

The investment strategy incorporates a disciplined research process intended to include a thorough understanding and analysis of each investment opportunity’s fundamental and intrinsic value, coupled with an appreciation for the macro environment, economic cycles and other key factors such as public policy, industry and political developments

We seek to identify and consider investments in fulcrum and near-fulcrum instruments, migrating through capital structures as the economic cycle evolves and offers opportunities to deploy capital to match the risk/reward balance we deem optimal

We believe that a fundamental-based and credit-derived approach to investment analysis is best suited to evaluating investment opportunities in the markets

The investment strategy involves taking a directional view utilizing our deep knowledge of companies and industry sectors and leveraging our analysis performed on one investment to make other investments in the same or similar industries

Investment objectives and strategies are set forth in the relevant Fund’s Offering Documents. There can be no assurance any strategy will be effective.